Becoming a Member

We are looking for new members to join our growing community, especially families with children!

Only one of the 12 lots for home building remains for sale or possibly to share with another member. There is also a 4 bedroom house for sale (see House for Sale). One space for building a tiny house is also available.

If you are considering making the move to life in community, we invite you to get to know us by exploring our website, coming for a tour, attending some meetings and work parties. Below is a brief description of the process used to select members and renters.  (Buyers of the house for sale are not required to go through this selection process; however, we encourage a mutual getting-to-know each other!)

In the Introductory phase, the prospective member gets a tour, attends community meetings, work parties, meals, and/or informal get-togethers.  Attending at least one community meeting is required to become an applicant. Prospective members are encouraged to take initiative in developing relationships with members of the PTEV. Once mutual interest has been established, the application phase begins.

During the Application phase, the potential resident receives an application packet, which includes relevant EcoVillage agreements and a questionnaire.  Applicants are interviewed by the community and if consensus is reached to accept them, they pay for a lot (or their share of a lot) or sign a lease to become a renter.

Once here, new residents participate in a basic orientation and are assigned a “buddy” from among existing PTEV residents, who is available to answer questions.  A training plan on PTEV agreements (legal documents) and processes is devised to meet the new members’ needs.

While exceptions to this process may be considered on a case-by-case basis, it is important for potential members to develop a relationship with the village through this process.

Building a Home on the One Remaining Available Lot

Legally, we are a home owners association. Members who buy lots own their 4,000 square foot lots and homes, and thus have access to mortgages, federal tax deductions, and tax credits for renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. The Association owns over 6 acres collectively, including a common well and gardens, an acre of forest, and several shared buildings.

The cost of a lot is $110,000. We are committed to keeping the EcoVillage as affordable as possible and offer opportunities for discounts and partial financing.  Another possibility is to share ownership of a lot with another family through a tenancy-in-common agreement.

The cost of a lot does not include the cost of a dwelling, but does include part ownership and use of the many shared facilities, including a future common house (under design), a 3600 square foot workshop/art center, laundry facilities, greenhouses and more.

We know the challenge of building a home (time, money, resources!) and are here to help make it possible.