Tiny Houses

PTEV Offers Spaces for Tiny Houses

Our three spaces for small homes are all spoken for!  One is under construction, the other got a building permit approved in October 2018, and a person has been selected for the third spot, where building will begin next year. This is part of our initiative to provide affordable housing.

Each tiny house is provided a space of about 1200 sf for placement on a lot shared with two other tiny houses, as well as utility hook-ups for water, sewer and electricity.  Houses need to be secured to a foundation, permitted for permanent occupancy and comply with our community’s guidelines.  In addition to their rented space, tiny house residents have access to PTEV’s commonly owned land (over 6 acres) with community gardens, orchards, and buildings (a shop/art center, laundry facilities, and a future common house).   More information regarding PTEV’s tiny house requirements can be found by clicking here: tiny-house-reqs-4website


First tiny house in process, July 2018