Tiny Houses

PTEV Offers Spaces for Tiny Houses

Beginning in January 2017, we have had spaces available for tiny houses to find a home at the Port Townsend EcoVillage (PTEV).  One of these spaces is still available. We are excited to provide low-cost, affordable housing opportunities for people interested in community living with this option.

PTEV will rent spaces for three tiny houses on a shared lot. Each tiny house will be provided a space of about 1200 sf for placement and utility hook-ups for water, sewer and electricity.  Houses will need to be secured to a pier foundation (provided by the EcoVillage) and be permitted for permanent occupancy.  In addition to their rented space, tiny house residents will have access to PTEV’s commonly owned land (over 6 acres) with community gardens, orchards, and buildings (a shop/art center, laundry facilities, and a future common house).   More information regarding PTEV’s tiny house requirements can be found by clicking here: tiny-house-design-regulations-website

To rent a space on the tiny house lot, tiny house owners will need to go through the PTEV’s membership process (see the membership page for details) and follow PTEV and city requirements for tiny houses.  Rent is $300 per month.